Resolution Reboot: A guide to healthier living from the pros at Movara Fitness Resort

Here it is, a month into your New Year’s resolutions and you’re hitting every mark. Keep it going. You’re an inspiration. Or maybe, just maybe, your best laid plans to eat a more balanced diet, exercise more regularly, and travel less ordinary by staying at Stash partner hotels have fallen by the wayside. Yeah, us too. Well, not that last part — we can’t get enough of our partner hotels. At any rate, we’ve asked the lovely and talented pros at Movara Fitness Resort for tips on how to revive those health-conscious goals.

2015 Partner Hotel Awards Recap

It’s no secret our partner hotels are authentic and personalized. That’s the mission. From rock star havens (Sunset Marquis) to off-the-grid Panamanian eco-adventure lodges (Casa Cayuco), from elite urban oases (Condor Hotel, The Lenox Hotel) and classed-up college town digs (The Hotel at Auburn University) to picturesque Maine-coast cottages (The Dunes on the Waterfront) and white sand beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands (The Buccaneer), our partners exemplify our Travel Less Ordinary mantra. And we’re happy that Conde Nast Traveler readers, likely some of you, appreciate this mantra, too.

Winter Is Coming: The Best Beachy Getaways (Part 1)

For many of us, the slushy, bundled-up daily commute is unavoidable for a few dark months per year. And sadly that time of year is upon us. So, the next time you find yourself scraping the windshield in polar vortex conditions or Googling “How to remove salt stains from shoes” imagine barefoot beach combing for seashells and sipping margaritas for lunch while listening to Jimmy Buffett, the sun and sand a warm reflection in your shades.

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