Ready to Veer?

stash-hotel-james-nyc-penguinsRoad warriors with discerning taste, your time has come. Desire a little soul food, even on business trips? So do we.

Introducing Veer, a blog devoted to road warriors who crave exceptional experiences off the beaten path. Style, creative food, drinks with a twist (or twisted drinks). New and unusual hotels with independent owners. Hotels that surprise and pamper guests while offering free wifi, room service and other conveniences. Business travel insider news and tips. How to stay healthy on the road, even if you only have a mere 10 minutes to spare. Stash Hotel Rewards news, growth and new features. And the skinny on just how rewarding a hotel loyalty program can be.

We launched Veer to introduce Stash members and other independent-minded, chain-weary travelers to a different way of traveling. Your way. Yes, even on business trips.

We’re excited to share more about Stash, its vast network of independently-owned hotels, and news and tips tailored to business travelers who prefer to veer away from chain hotels, strip malls, and mass-produced sameness to swerve toward less-ordinary experiences.

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