An Army of Tiny Rubber Penguins Cannot Fail

Sometimes a big idea needs a little rubber penguin to take it out into the world. Nobody here at Stash Hotel Rewards remembers who came up with Stashie, but a waddle of penguins (official phrase, we looked it up) arrived in the Seattle office one day and started poking around for liquor. We gently suggested travel as a healthier hobby for a flightless bird, so Stashie set off.

Since then, Stashie has been cuddled by babies, joined board meetings at the finest independent hotels, hit Napa Valley’s wine cellars—in character, what can we say—and golfed on Mt. Hood.

1069174_10153021433990417_1213853901_nHere’s Stashie forming an alliance with a 100+ year-old elevator in the landmark Hotel Boulderado. The elevator has a name: Otis. Both Otis and Stashie have Twitter handles, naturally: @GoStashieGo and @BoulderadoOtis.

996810_546180115419910_779722517_nNext stop: Lavender fields a few minutes from The Island Inn at 123 West in the San Juan Islands near Seattle.

Mate_Stashie_SummitYou can’t hold a good penguin down. Here, Stashie shows Sherpa-like skill helping Stash staffer Máté Gerner summit Großglockner, an Austrian Alp.

Stashie is criss-crossing the globe right now. Find him at the Irish Pub in The Lenox Hotel, downing sidecars by the pool, or rock climbing. If you see him, tousle his spongy rubber locks—and please tell him to call home.

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