5 Stash-Verified Ghost-Friendly Hotels. Sleep Well!

Bottled water, bathrobes, things that go bump in the night … these 5 independent hotels offer all the essential amenities for travelers on All Hallow’s Eve. Sweet dreams, everyone!

Bourbon Orleans haunted ballroomBourbon Orleans Hotel, French Quarter, New Orleans

Possibly the most ghost-packed hotel in the most haunted city in the country. Spirits you may encounter include a Confederate soldier known as “The Man,” a ghost dancer who sometimes waltzes across the ballroom and sometimes hides behind the curtains (boo!) and … aaaah! We don’t even want to type this … ghost children playing will balls and hoops in the corridors.

Jekyll Island Club Hotel ghost in mirrorJekyll Island Club Hotel, Jekyll Island GA

The turrets. The ballrooms. The spooky, spooky mirrors. Ghosts love this Gilded Age hotel—and not just any ghosts. Early risers report smelling fresh cigar smoke on the porch when there’s no one else awake … the same porch where JP Morgan smoked his 5 am cigar every morning 100 years ago.

The Renaissance Room, The Governor Hotel

The Governor Hotel, Portland OR

Portland, though plenty scary if you choose to debate organic food with a local, isn’t known for hauntings. But The Governor inherited several ghosts when they acquired the neighboring Princeton Building. Play hide and seek with spirits in the Renaissance Room—just don’t ask what’s behind the sealed door of the vault.

The Norwich Inn, Norwich VT

The Norwich Inn, Norwich VT

“Ma” Walker served bootleg ale to Dartmouth students all through Prohibition—including Theodore “Dr. Seuss” Geisel. We saw no evidence of levitating green eggs and ham. But Ma Walker is known to promenade through the dining room from time to time in her favorite black dress.

2Andrew Pinckney Inn, Charleston SC

Tours of Charleston’s haunted graveyards and dungeons start at the front door. Prefer to stay cozy in your room? No problem. The ghosts will come to you.

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