Happy Happy Holidays from Stash

As we celebrate the holidays, we wanted to share with you our holiday wish list.

Source: Flickr | GivenGrace
Source: Flickr | GivenGrace

1. We wish for peace. World peace. Peace-of-mind. Peace-and-quiet. A piece of peppermint bark.

Source: Flickr | SVacher

2. We wish you happy happy holidays. (Most people just say happy once, we said it twice because we are more sincere, and slightly competitive).

Source: Flickr | ChaChaFrance

3. We wish that you don’t end up with a Snuggie®, Slanket®, Blankees® or any other blanket-based-apparel in your White Elephant gift exchange.

Source: Flickr | Matthew Bietz

4. We wish for NO fruitcake. In fact, what’s the opposite of fruitcake? We wish for that.

Source: Flickr | debaird
Source: Flickr | debaird

5. We wish we could have you over to our house, have a stocking (hand-knit) on the mantel with your name on it, you could teach us how to make spiced wine, we could teach you how to drink it, and then we’d lavish you with gifts and praise. Why? Because you’re one of us – a lover of adventure and one-of-a-kind experiences. And that’s how we roll.

Customer service "whiz-kids," Joy, Audrey & Beth.
Customer service “whiz-kids,” Joy, Audrey & Beth.

6. We wish for the opportunity to continue to serve you in 2014 and beyond. It’s truly an honor.

But most of all, we wish you and your family the very best.

Safe travels,

The Stash Hotel Rewards Family


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