Golden Advice for a Good Night’s Sleep on the Road

“The last voice you hear should be from someone you love.” Golden advice for a good night’s sleep on the road, from our constantly-roving team members.


Exercise every day. No matter how tired you are. One former insomniac Stash team member says, “I once thought that a business trip meant a holiday from working out and soon found that I would pay for that with sleepless nights.” An exercise dvd on your laptop (we like Gwyneths’ bottom-expert Tracy Anderson),  15 minutes on the treadmill (it’s worth the trek to the fitness room), yoga while watching CNN, anything’s better than collapsing on your bed without a workout.

hotel-deluxe-screening-room_hpgAsk about sleepy-making perks. Portland’s Hotel deLuxe has a pillow menu (including a body pillow to snuggle up against), a spiritual menu to calm your soul, and an iPod menu with classical music to drift off to (we don’t recommend the “Portland Bands” track at bedtime. Fun, but the aural equivalent of Red Bull). Settle down after a hectic travel day with a classic movie in the screening room, or have one sent up to your room.
Call ahead to your hotel and tell them exactly what you need. Your hotel staff love seeing you, but they do not want you at the front desk at 2 am in your yoga pants/jammies demanding a different room. Arm them with the detailed information they need to help you before you arrive, and confirm again at check in. Specifically ask for a room on a top floor, facing a concrete wall, away from the elevator, ice machine and housekeeping closet, if that’s what it takes for you to get your 8 hours. And there’s an added bonus to being a Stash member: people who book direct are hotels’ best customers, and staff won’t be under pressure to put you in the infamous “OTA room”.
Don’t take sleeping aids from strangers. Our most seasoned road warriors have gone all natural and organic on us, after years of experience. “You can’t always trust the waiter that it’s decaf, so skip after-dinner coffee,” says one team member. A few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow will help calm you. And never take a sleeping pill handed to you in the First Class Lounge by an executive at a pharmaceutical company who swears you’ll wake up fresh as a daisy. She probably has higher drug tolerance than you do.

Don’t check work-related emails from the home office unless you are expecting something important. It can wait. You don’t want an unsolicited email ruining your night. And ALWAYS check the alarm setting in case the person before you set it for some ungodly hour.

the-benjamin-sleep-concierge_hpg Call in the big guns. Hard core insomniac? Laughing at our lavender oil recommendation? Try a few nights at New York City’s The Benjamin. They have a dedicated Sleep Concierge, a Sleep Team, and an Official Sleep Consultant: Rebecca Robbins, who travels the world speaking on the latest sleep research. These people will get you to Slumberland. We promise.
“The last voice you hear before you sleep should be from someone you love.” This golden piece of advice from our sales lead, who also wishes all of you a very good night.

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