New to Stash: The Essex Resort & Spa, Burlington VT

The population of The Essex at any given time includes chefs to teach you cooking and make you delicious restaurant meals, chickens in the gardens supplying eggs for breakfast, and very happy visitors playing tennis, strolling through the English-style flower gardens, working their way through offerings from local microbreweries and wineries, and making sure the hammocks don’t get lonely out there under the leafy green trees.

A spa resort offering a hands-on experience of Vermont's extraordinary food culture
A spa resort offering a hands-on experience of Vermont’s extraordinary food culture

We recommend a visit, summer or winter. Here’s what you’ll find— some of it—on their 18 green acres:

the-essex-resort-and-spa-chef-academy_hpg_1Culinary adventures! Cooking classes: Locally Foraged, Italian Basics. Tours: Wine and Chocolate, Wine and Maple Syrup.

the-essex-resort-and-spa-tavern-1_hpg_1The Tavern: Pub fare with locally sourced meats and vegetables from The Essex’s own organic gardens.
the-essex-resort-and-spa-snow_hpg_1Ingredients for a winter lodge idyll: downhill and cross country skiing, cozy afternoon cooking classes, nights by the fire, and a spa, sauna and indoor pool.
the-essex-resort-and-spa-room-2_hpg_1A Traditional Room
the-essex-resort-and-spa-outdoor-hammock_hpg_1Bring a book, or just your daydreams

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