What Does Your S’more Style Say About Your Travel Style?

Traditional S'more

Mosquito bites, sunburn, Ray Bans, fireworks… nothing says summer more than making s’mores under a starry sky. But if s’mores say summer, what does your s’mores style say about you? Here we round up some different approaches to this molten dessert, and make some wild (and rigorously scientific) assumptions about you.

The Traditionalist

Kraft ®Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, Hershey’s® chocolate, Honey Maid® grahams. No exceptions. To you, marshmallow roasting is an art form.  Traditional S'more

Roasting tool of choice: A hand-whittled stick foraged from the forest — preferably maple.

Campfire Story: Stories are for after the roasting is done. You’re in the zone – getting the perfect golden toast to your mallow. The only time you break your laser-focus is to micromanage help your fellow roasters.

Traveler Style: Above all, you value friendly, personal service. You know, the classics – eye-contact, firm-handshakes, making good on your word. You give your loyalty to the companies that take care of you.

Your Dream Hotel:

City: The Lenox Hotel, Boston MA. All the modern-amenities you could ever need, meets a timeless commitment to service. Don’t believe us? Ask Jimmy Fisher, who has proudly served as a bellhop for over 65 years. “Don’t be shy and just ask for what you need. It’s our job to do as we’re told and take your orders.”

Nature: The Cottages at Cabot Cove, Kennebunkport, ME. Get whisked away to the whimsical town of Kennebunkport. You’ll enjoy the finer things in life; nature, quiet, romance, and lobster, while you contemplate ways to stay at the resort forever and ever.

The Blaze of Glory

Similar to the Traditionalist, but you like your mallows charred. Tend to be less militant about ingredients. Most of all, you like lighting things on fire.

Blaze of Glory S'more

Roasting tool of choice: Any stick or stick-like device, including but not limited to: a straightened coat hanger, taped together chopsticks, a Swiss Army knife and no concern for arm-hair.

Campfire Story: The fire pit is your stage.  Your go-anywhere, do-anything spirit means stories come easy: Drinking cobra blood in Vietnam, cliff diving in Croatia, sneaking back stage at a Stones concert. It’s just another day in your wild life.

Traveler Style: You want to see everything, and do everything, so you have to do everything quick. You pack light and smart. You’re no stranger to solo-travel, but enjoy company too — As long as your compadres share your hunger for adventure.

Your Dream Hotel:

City: Perfectly located in Middle-of-Everything, New York, The Strand Hotel is the ideal jump-off place for urban adventures.  Or head to the roof and sip expertly concocted cocktails in the shadow of the Empire State Building. Whatever shenanigans you seek, the savvy concierge will steer you in the right direction.

Nature: If it’s nature you crave, head to Gateway Canyons Resort in Gateway, CO.  Make some more memories horseback riding, whitewater rafting, or fly fishing. Or, detoxify in the heavenly spa with a Jade & Burdock Sachet treatment or the Blooming Cactus Body Ritual.

Salt Junkie


Your spin on the classic s’more involves either a salty substitution, like a salted caramel instead of chocolate, or a salty addition – bacon anyone?

Roasting tool of choice: Because you are always among friends, someone is bound to come prepared. You borrow whatever is around.

Campfire Story: You happily substitute stories for some campfire sing-alongs. John Denver? Bob Marley? Jack Johnson? You’re ideal campfire takes requests.

Traveler Style: You’re a beach-babe. You go out of your way to get to the sea at every opportunity. You like salt in your hair, on your skin, heck – you’ll take salt in your eyes if it means getting to the beach.  You are at home on the beach, whether a remote lagoon of your own or packed in among hundreds of your closest friends.

Your Dream Hotel:

City: Nestled in Daytona Beach Shores, FL, the The Shores Resort & Spa is a quiet escape from the busy coastal cities. After a five-course dinner and champagne in your private cabana, you can stroll the beach while making room for your sixth course – s’mores in the resort’s fire pits.

Nature: The Island Inn at 123 West is an island sanctuary in the Puget Sound. The vibe is pure Northwest-nautical: friendly, understated and relaxed. Whale-watch, kayak, or just take in the view from your roof-top deck. With porthole windows, and ship-like styling just steps off the water – this hotel is a water-lover’s dream.


Nuts About Nutella?

You sub your chocolate bar for a smear of Nutella. Or if you are feeling crazy, slather your marshmallow with Nutella before roasting.


Campfire story: “Have I told you about the time I studied abroad in college and lived off a steady diet of this hazelnut godsend… and grappa.”

Roasting tool of choice: The elegant, steel, faux-stick.

Traveler Style: You’ve spent many miles on the road, you know what you want, and you’re not afraid to ask for it. You’ve got a master plan and a meticulously packed suitcase.

Your Dream Hotel:

City: The James Chicago. This hotel is literally, 330 feet from the Eataly Nutella bar. The rich hazelnut décor, service and accommodations will make you forget your nights in a seedy-hostel faster than a glass of grappa.

Nature: The Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort in Leavenworth, WA. This adorable village takes its Bavarian theme very seriously. Only two-hours from Seattle, this rustic-luxe hideaway feels like it was plucked out of the Bavarian Alps.  Enjoy world-class sustainable cuisine, mountain vistas, and year-round outdoor activities.

The Peep-Creep

You use old, dried up, Peeps instead of regular marshmallows. You enjoy watching them suffer.


Roasting tool of choice: The microwave.

Campfire story: Do you remember that one episode of “Hoarders”? I’m not that bad, right?

Traveler Style: You don’t get out much.

Your Dream Hotel: Have you heard of the Bates Motel? We think you’ll love it.


Thanks to the flickr community for all the great photos:
“The Perfect Toasted Marshmallow”  by gitsul
“Marshmallow Pattern” by pipistrula
“Baconfest 2.0” by gammaman
“French S’more” by CliffMuller
“An episode of Hoarders” by buzzfarmers
“Monster Peeps” by rakka
“Bates Motel” by guerillapop


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