5 Awesome Spas to Rest & Recharge

Spa tourism—a staple of the white flannel trousered set in the 1920’s—is making a comeback. Everyone’s talking mindfulness. Even the World Economic Forum. What’s good for the head of the World Bank is good for you: deep relaxation is an important way to recharge for work and life. A trip to the spa is practically an obligation! We’re here to help, with a roundup of top spas from the desert, to the sea, to the forest canopy.

Deep in the magical forest—The Lodge at Woodloch


Known for

Being so peace-inducing  a 95-year old yoga master created a special yoga meditation for the Lodge, while sitting on the dock. This is a kind of wellness fantasyland in the Pennsylvania woods, where you can take the waters (we’ve always wanted to say that) in the gorgeous timber-beamed pool room or under waterfalls in the “aqua garden”.

For best results

Take a class from a Wellness advisor to the stars, a master herbalist, watercolorists, chefs, an astronomer …


South Beach sunlight—renew the spa at The James Royal Palm


Known for

The idyllic beach-lovers set-up: pad across white sands from your oceanfront lounger to the spa. The best treatments are salt-based, and seriously effective: coconut soaks, essential oils scrubs, insomnia massage treatments. You can also just chill with your sweetie with an ocean-view couples massage.

For best results

Order a slew of “little bites” from Florida Cookery while you relax post treatment. Yum.



Maine Treetops—The Tree Spa at Hidden Pond


Known for

Rustic treatment rooms suspended in the forest canopy. You get from one to another by walking across catwalks. Birch leaves filter the light and birds provide the soundtrack.

For best results

The all-over-your-body lavender treatment uses lavender from the resort’s organic garden. The herb’s natural antibiotic and anti-stress properties make this an optimal treatment for skin and soul.


Baby Otters—Vista Blue Spa at Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa


Known for

Vistas of the whole of Monterey Bay—a National Marine Sanctuary—from the rooftop hot tub. Soak in muscle-soothing whirlpools on the rooftop deck while watching baby otters playing in the Bay below—equally pleasant on a warm summer afternoon and a cool NorCal evening. Cheese plates and local Pinot Noirs can be delivered to you, tubside.

For best results

Use the fitness room. It’s under vaulted ceilings so it’s like working out in a corridor in Catherine the Great’s Summer Palace, but with a magnificent Monterey Bay view.


Mystic Vortex Spots—Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa


Known for

Excellent therapists and low-key ambience. It’s also near red rock formations with mystical healing powers. Keeners: start at 8 am with the daily yoga class. Between the magic and the massage, you’ll leave restored from the inside out.

For best results

Take in the red rocks or the starry desert sky from the rooftop viewing deck, before or after your treatment.


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