Daydreaming at work? Indulge in these little luxuries

At Stash, we get giddy just thinking about what awaits us on our next adventure.  We spend hours dreaming about what our perfect vacations will entail, imagining the one thing that could turn a great hotel in to an extraordinary hotel.


While plush bathrobes, ultra-soft Egyptian cotton sheets with thread counts so high we’ve lost count, and fresh baked, still gooey chocolate chip cookies have top spots on our list of must-have hotel amenities, there’s something captivating about those exceptional and often overlooked luxury amenities that can only be found at truly one-of-a-kind hotels.

Here we’ve rounded up just a few favorites for you to revel in.

French Quarter Inn, Charleston SC


Nothing quite says “I’ve arrived” like being greeted in the marble foyer with a glass of the hotel’s finest bubbly, or finding rose petals adorning your bed in the evening.  And try as we might, replicating these simple pleasures at home is nearly impossible as the champagne is never quite as sparkly, and somehow a thorn always finds its way in to our petal mix.


Royal Park Hotel, Rochester MI


If you’re anything like us you’ve often wondered what it would be like to join HM The Queen for afternoon tea at the Palace.  At the Royal Park Hotel, indulge in your fantasy at their signature Royal Tea. Enjoy a personalized tea selection prepared and served by the Royal Park Tea Hostess, and rejoice knowing the most difficult decision to be made all day is whether to top your homemade scone with the delectable lemon curd or the irresistible clotted cream (both calorie free of course).

Sentinel, Portland, OR


It’s hard to choose just one of the signature amenities available to guests at the Sentinel, but if we must, it would certainly be the “Make-it-so” button, or as we like to think of it “our very own Genie in a bottle.”  Just use the in-room phone, and any request you make, no matter how over-the-top, will be granted.  And the best part – unlike Aladdin you aren’t limited to just three wishes!


The Cliff House at Pikes Peak, Manitou Springs CO

Flickr | walkadog
Flickr | walkadog

After a long day hiking and exploring Pikes Peak, we highly suggest retreating back to your spa-inspired bathroom at Cliff House.  It’s so lavish we suspect it might give the original Pretty Woman something to talk about.  Jet-tubs for two, steam showers, heated towel racks and toilet seats might we add, spectacular mountain views – it’s enough to make you forget how sore you’ll be in the morning.


Magnolia Hotel St. Louis, St.Louis, MO

Flickr | cdorobek
Flickr | cdorobek

To end this journey along the road of amenities, we thought it only appropriate to include a truly one-of-a-kind offering found at our newest partner hotel, Magnolia Hotel St. Louis.  Magnolia understands what it means to raise the bar when it comes to guest services and Magnolia St. Louis is no exception.  If you plan to utilize their complementary car service, don’t be surprised to see a brand new Tesla pulling up to the curb. We’re certain that you’ll seal the deal at your big meeting if you show up in one of these.


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