New to Stash: Tailwater Lodge, Altmar NY

Set on a private stretch of Salmon River waterfront, Tailwater Lodge offers front-door access to some of the finest fishing in the world. tailwater-lodge-river_hpg_1The Lodge blends upscale amenities with rustic style. Service is excellent: staff will do everything needed to get you out to your adventures and make sure you have every comfort you want or need when you come home. Here are a few of our favorite things at this 4 season adventure lodge.

tailwater-lodge-fly-fishing_hpg_1A dedicated Guide Concierge gets you out fishing, whitewater rafting, or snowmobiling.

tailwater-lodge-dining-room_hpg_1Dine fireside on New American cusine: grilled sirloin steak, haddock and chips, meatloaf.

tailwater-lodge-billiards_hpg_1Rustic style doesn’t stop in the billiards room.

tailwater-lodge-gift-shop_hpg_1The pro-shop is stocked with top brands. And last but not least, one of our favorite hotel amenities ever:

photo (11)

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