New To Stash: The Verb Hotel, Boston

The Verb Hotel is a restoration of a classic Fenway 1959 motor lodge, drawing on the expertise of architects and rock historians to create the newest place to be in the neighborhood. Already winning rave reviews, buzz will amp up when the restaurant opens in 2015:  a high-energy, Tokyo Pop-inspired izakaya grill by the owners of o ya restaurant.


The refurbished 1947 vintage Flexible Clipper Motor Coach tour bus. Elkus Manfredi Architects designed and installed the retro interior.


Vintage rock posters in the lobby. Project curator and legendary WCBN DJ David Bieber used much of his personal collection for the design.


Mondrian-inspired windows onto the pool deck.


The pool deck at night. The Red Sox are playing right behind the hotel in Fenway Park.

A double queen room overlooking the pool deck. Vintage, yes. Comfortable and contemporary, check.



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