How to Make a 1338-Room Convention Resort Feel Like a Boutique Hotel


Caribe Royale‘s size is part of the Orlando resort’s appeal. While you’re there, you feel as if you’re in another, endlessly pleasant world, a world with 53 lush, tropical acres, 2 restaurants and 3 lounges for moods from “I want ultra upscale fine dining” to “I want a drink without leaving the pool.” But with 1,338 rooms, the resort was looking for a measurably effective way to achieve one of hospitality’s most important goals: making every guest feel appreciated, as an individual.

Enter Stash, in the capable hands of Elyse Cottle, Promotions Director for Caribe Royale.

Under her direction, Caribe Royale uses APIs to track when Stash Members book and when they arrive. Stash members are greeted with a Welcome Bag containing gifts and a card describing the resort’s Stash Member Only benefits—free wireless, spa credits, and upgrades, among others—see all the Stash Members Only benefits here.

Caribe Royale also tracks Stash Members through social media, directly engaging them in conversation so they can anticipate what they need from their stay.

The resort sends a thank-you email to every Stash Member guest, telling them how many points they earned for their stay.

“It’s a funny thing: that simple act of saying thank you causes people to rebook,” Elyse reports. Caribe Royale’s thank you email has a 41% open rate and a 3% conversion rate, meaning 3% of Stash Member guests who receive a thank you and a reminder of the points they’ve earned, re-book right away.

Stash Members are more invested in Caribe Royale in other ways: of 24 marketing email blasts sent to all guests in 2014, the top 6 emails for conversion rates—guests who actually booked stays as a result of the email—were all Stash-related.

“Stash enabled us to know our guests,” says Elyse. “We’ve got a 1,338 room convention resort, and through Stash we’ve been able to carve out a boutique hotel experience for our guests.”

Guests thank Caribe Royale for this Members Only feeling of personalized care with higher email open rates, and higher conversion rates.

It’s a clear path from loyalty to repeat bookings.

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