New to Stash: Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno, NV

If “Reno” conjures up visions of smoke-filled casinos, you’ve got another thing coming. Meet Whitney Peak Hotel. Health nuts, adrenaline junkies and music lovers will all feel right at home smack-dab in the center of downtown Reno, “the best little city in the world.”


What makes Whitney Peak Hotel one-of-a-kind? Well, at Stash, we thought we’d seen it all, but our new friends in Reno have surprised us.

whitney-peak-hotel-basecamp-1_hpgTest your spidey-sense at the exterior rock-climbing wall (which happens to be the world’s tallest) or inside at the 7,000 square foot climbing gym. If you prefer to stay grounded, the gym offers yoga classes. (A measly $5 for hotel guests.)

whitney-peak-hotel-bar-loungePost-climb, grab a craft-cocktail at Heritage and snuggle up in a jumbo swinging nest. Here, gravity is your friend.58 (2)

If you’re more into rock n’ roll than rock climbing, head over to Cargo, the 1000+ person capacity live-music venue that regularly hosts huge headliners.

whitney-peak-hotel-room-5_hpg_1Of course, all of this is if you can pry yourself out of your high-style, high-Sierra-inspired room.

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