5 Memorable Meeting Venues

Offsite meetings: a time to bring the brains together to collaborate, cooperate, negotiate, or celebrate. Whatever the reason, you’re setting up a space to do something special. Why settle for uninspiring spaces often found at chain hotels when you can gather in a truly exceptional place?

You can count on ANY Stash partner to make your meetings memorable, but we’ve rounded up some of the most spectacular and unforgettable meeting places in the network. (Help your guests make the most of the event with our Conference Survival Guide.)

Kay Chapel at Hotel Viking

A natural choice for brides and wedding planners, Kay Chapel plays host to all sorts of groups, both secular and spiritual. The chapel was built in 1869, and many of the original details like the stained-glass windows remain intact and expertly preserved. If you’re looking for a tranquil setting for a seminar, retreat, or a speaking engagement, this is your place.

the-hotel-viking-chapel-1_cthe-hotel-viking-kingscote-suite_c (1)

Cargo at Whitney Peak Hotel

Tranquility be damned. It’s time to turn the speakers up to “11” and get fired up. This 1000 capacity rock venue is the perfect place to bring your national team together for a pep rally. Get your sales team fired up with some rock n’ roll and some really slick PowerPoint slides in the mix. Then send the accounting staff to BaseCamp for some high-flying team-building in 7,000 square foot indoor climbing gym.Cargo whitney-peak-hotel-room-4_hpg_1

Automotive Museum at Gateway Canyons

For the teams that could really stand to turn their phones off and unplug, might we suggest at trip to Gateway Canyons. (And you can relax: there is reception and WiFi.) Enjoy a cocktail and a private tour of the Gateway Canyons Auto Museum. For the adrenaline seekers, go joy riding through the desert in the Pro-Baja Trucks (before the cocktail reception…). The resort has 72 guest rooms and over 9,000 square feet of multi-purpose meeting spaces. And tons of outdoor meeting spaces with infinite square footage.2008-05-23-14.17.36-e1415060197776


The Starlight Room at The Bristol Hotel

Retractable roofs: they’re not just for baseball stadiums. Breathe some fresh air into your next event by raising the roof (er, sliding the roof?) off the Bristol Hotel. The Starlight Room is 4,400 square-feet of flexile function space. Gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows welcomes the famous San Diego sunshine. The hotel is located in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslight District, steps from the San Diego Convention Center, perfect for an après-convention soiree!

wedding2 the-bristol-hotel-superior-two-dbls_hr

Rooftop Terrace Bar at Moonrise Hotel

Is your team setting out to do the “impossible”? Get some perspective at Moonrise hotel. Lofty Q3 Sales objectives seem reachable from The Apollo 11 conference room, adorned with photos of the first moon landing. After establishing your mission, take the team to the Rooftop Terrace Bar for a toast under the stars… and the world’s largest man-made moon. The moon and the entire bar are powered by a solar panel canopy. That’s some solar-system teamwork.

moonrise-hotel-memorabilia_c SONY DSC

Are you a Meeting Planner?

You spend your days making sure everyone else has a good time. You deserve some perks, too. For event planners, many Stash partners have structured programs, while others offer points on a promotional basis. Ask your hotel contact for details.

4 thoughts on “5 Memorable Meeting Venues

  1. Interesting places. Thanks for posting. When I look at the photos, I see lots of places that for me, w/ a mobility disability, would have difficult using. Memorable for me also means accessible and able to be used comfortably by all!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. I’m really happy to say that all of these hotels and their meeting spaces are indeed accessible. We reached out to each property to double check. If you have any more questions about these spaces – please let us know!

      1. Ah, Emily, thanks. IF they are said, by the facilities, to be accessible, then they may only be within the exact letter of the ADA accessible. Having worked w/ the Boston Mayor’s Office Commissioner for People with Disabilities, AND having a mobiliy disability, I can bet that they are not really accessible. I wonder if you or any one who works at the properties has actually tried to maneuver in them using a wheelchair, electric scooter or chair. I highly recommend it! I am teaching again a class on just this at ExhibitorLive this week, and have for the CMP Conclave and PCMA’s Convening Leaders. Those who experienced properties and meetings had a different opinion of what is said and what is! It’s crtical to do so. Thanks.

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