Hotels that Rock (n’ Roll)

Alright, all Stash partners rock, but some truly have a unique history with Rock n’ Roll. Grab your guitar, fire up the old tour bus and stay like rock-royalty. (And remember, trashing hotel rooms was never cool.)

“There are places I remember…”
Edgewater Hotel most certainly qualifies as a place to remember. Seattle’s only over-water hotel has played host to the Beatles, who famously fished from their room. For some, the memories are fuzzy: Led Zeppelin members have publicly disputed the details of their stays at this landmark (whatever happened, they are banned). Now it’s known not as a party destination, but a swanky oasis in the Emerald City.J108012 IFla-trb-seattle-edgewater-hotel-20140626-001

An upscale way to honor grunge
A quick walk from the Edgewater hotel is Hotel Max, a hip-hotel that celebrates Seattle’s musical past, present and future. But don’t think of tattered flannel, Hotel Max has a decidedly modern style. Request a room on the 5th floor and you’ll get your own record player with a vinyl collection from Sub Pop records.hotel-max-hall_hpg DP_trans_08.tif

The who’s who of Hollywood
If there was ever an “if these walls could talk” scenario, this is it. Built for rock royalty, Sunset Marquis was home to Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Debbie Harry and The Clash back in the day. This famous hotel has an assuming entrance (plus multiple secret entrances) that leads to a 3.5 acre West Hollywood celebrity playground, complete with a state-of-the-art recording studio. Use the underground tunnels to hide from paparazzi, or hide in plain site at the hotel pools.sunset-marquis-3_hr sunset-marquis-studio-villa-2-2013_c

Check-in, tune out
The Verb Hotel is a restoration of a classic 1959 motor lodge, which was “home” to many tour buses and traveling artists. The hotel celebrates the vintage vibes, but with modern comforts (like soundproofing). Guests are greeted by both a refurbished 1947 Flexible Clipper Motor Coach and so-close-you-can-feel-it views of Fenway. We’re hoping to make the Verb our home from July 16-19th so we can catch Billy Joel and the Foo Fighters, both playing at Fenway that week!

DEAL: Triple points + 15% of best available rate. (5/1/15-6/30/15) Click for full details. 

verb-hotel-poolview-1_hpg verb-hotel-art-1_hpg

“Her name is Reno and she dances on the sand…”
(We’re pretty sure that’s how that Duran Duran song goes…) Want to be close to the music? Check out Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno. The hotel also houses Cargo, a concert hall that showcases sensationally emerging artists. Forget gambling-grandmas, the new Reno is all about energy. (Last month, Cargo hosted Sturgill Simpson. If you haven’t heard of him, you’re missing out.)

DEAL: Triple points + a daily pass to Base Camp for 2. (4/1/15-7/2/15) Click for full details. 

whitney-peak-hotel-cargo-fb_hpg whitney-peak-hotel-room-4_hpg

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