Winter Is Coming: The Best Beachy Getaways (Part 1)

For many of us the slushy, bundled-up daily commute is unavoidable for a few dark months per year. And sadly that time of year is upon us. So, the next time you find yourself scraping the windshield in polar vortex conditions or Googling “How to remove salt stains from shoes” imagine barefoot beach combing for seashells and sipping margaritas for lunch while listening to Jimmy Buffett, the sun and sand a warm reflection in your shades.

Here, we examine four U.S. based getaways sure to fulfill all of your beachy needs.


Tower 23, San Diego, CA

You can’t contrast dark and chilly any better than by pitting them against beachy-blue hues and the warm breeze of the Pacific. Named after the lifeguard station standing a stone’s throw away from the hotel on Pacific Beach, Tower 23 is a classy, upscale beach bum’s dream. The hotel’s huge windows, private glass-walled decks and luxurious amenities make it the perfect home base to watch a beautiful Pacific sunset and listen to the surf.

Plus, San Diego is one hell of a city to explore — in shorts and a t-shirt!


Empress Hotel, La Jolla, CA

World-class shopping, five-star dining, shimmering ocean views, beach culture, and high culture, La Jolla is considered the year-round jewel of Southern California. Right in the middle of it all, stands the lovely Empress Hotel, a modern and stylish boutique that has recently undergone a big beautiful makeover. After a long day of surfing, tanning or strolling, guests unwind with in-room messages and barside opera singer serenades. If you just can’t get enough of the ocean, request a room on a top floor for an absolutely stunning view of the Pacific.


Riverside Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Nothing takes your mind off the wind chill stats and black ice than palm trees, yachts, and a warm, upbeat outdoor nightlife. As the only hotel on the trendy Las Olas Boulevard, the Riverside Hotel is the perfect venue to kick your feet up and relax. Guests enjoy cocktails at the outdoor pool and sundeck and feast on steaks and locally sourced seafood.  Some rooms even offer views of the Fort Lauderdale skyline, the Atlantic Ocean, and the New River – in one gloriously anti-winter frame.


Edgewater South Beach, Miami Beach, FL

On the quiet end of Ocean Drive, in the popular South Beach neighborhood, there lives a wonderful combination of peace, relaxation, and excitement. One night at the Mediterranean facade-style Edgewater South Beach and snow-covered cars and down jackets will be a distant memory. Edgewater’s famous Rooftop Terrace looks down on pristine sand and the Atlantic Ocean. Lounge on the roof, walk out to the beach, or go adventure-seeking in the city.

Don’t forget to check out our off-shore getaways in St. Croix, Hawaii, Panama, and Turks and Cacois.

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