5 Tips for a Romantic Hotel Room Makeover

att-ee-cc_848x565_720You already know what you’re doing. You’ve got this. We know. But just for fun, here are some reminders of how to romantically transform your hotel room for a special night with your special one.

  1. The classics. Bedside champagne and fresh rose petal trails are the standard and for good reason. Those rose petals are sensuous, tactile, and fragrant. And that champagne buzz comes on quick and light like the love buzz you’re looking to catch (and sustain — that’s what the rest of the list is for).
  2. Music. If art is how we decorate our space, music is how we decorate our time. Whether your thing is Bossa Nova or R & B, Classical or Country, you’ll want to dial up a romance soundtrack. So dust off the iPod, tune in to a good Pandora station, or sign in to your Apple Music account and get decorating.
  3. Appeal to the sense of smell. Try a rose geranium-scented candle or spritz the room with lavender water. Anything vanilla or jasmine will fit the aphrodisiac bill, too.
  4. Chocolate-dipped strawberries are cool (and also pretty standard). So are Swedish fish if that’s your sweetie’s thing. Make your in-room snack personal, light, and delicious. Just stay away from curry-dusted onion-roasted Brazil nuts or anything else that throws off the bouquet from #3.
  5. Lighting is key. Hotel room lighting is unpredictable. Pack an armada of votive candles for that hot tub session. And a scarf draped over the bedside lamp gives the room a muted golden hour-esque feel that, well, lasts longer than an hour…

Bonus: You’ve done a lot of preparation for your special night. Don’t stop there. The simple yet royal pleasure of waking up to an already made breakfast is singular. Room service keeps the exclusivity alive, but doing some research to find a nearby restaurant isn’t a bad move either.

Check out these romance packages from a few of our lovely partners.

napa-river-inn-hero-welcome_hero_1Napa River Inn, Napa CA

Riverfront luxury in a food and wine mecca: rooms at the Napa River Inn charm guests with fireplaces, claw-foot tubs, balconies overlooking the river, an on-site spa, and immediate access to downtown Napa’s plush restaurant scene.

The package: Chocolate-dipped strawberries, a bottle of sparkling wine, breakfast in bed, sourced from a local bakery, and the delight of waking up on the chill-yet-vibrant Napa riverfront.


Sunset Marquis, Los Angeles CA

At the base of the Hollywood hills, Sunset Marquis boasts an impressive list of testimonials coming from the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Jennifer Aniston. Its casual-indulgence style and Mediterranean vibe give it a character as well distinguished as the characters who stay there.

The package: Couples spa treatments, chocolate-dipped strawberries, Champagne, and the chance to see Bruno Mars or Cuba Gooding Jr. sipping poolside Pina Coladas. Rockstar status: check.


Whitney Peak, Reno NV

Reno is full of life, and Whitney Peak is a choice jumping off point for foodies, libationists, music enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers.

The package: Locally made Dorinda’s chocolates, champagne (noticing a trend here?), and a rose petal turn down. And some awesomely decorated digs.


The Lodge at Woodloch

A destination spa. Stays include the use of all the spa facilities, three gourmet meals each day, access to inspirational speakers, classes, adventure excursions, and more. Leave routine; enter relaxation.

The package: Rose petal turn down on arrival night, spa service, two signature Riedel wine glasses to take home, a bottle of sommelier selected red wine, and a whole lot more. This one is a bit of a splurge, but an all-inclusive experience is worth it from time to time.


Hotel at Auburn University

The Hotel at Auburn University has the feel of a great university in miniature: tall, arched windows, dark wood columns, reading nooks, and a spacious lounge for drinks, socializing, or cozying up by the fire.

The package: Breakfast for two, chocolate-dipped strawberries, Champagne, and dinner for two. This is a special V-Day specific promotion.


Lodge on the Desert

Once a private home, rooms at Lodge on the Desert embrace the Southwest motif with partially tiled floors, exposed beams, lazy ceiling fans, and snow-white linens on the beds. Some rooms have balconies with views of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

The package: Rose petal turndown, Champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries, breakfast for two awaits the next morning. Just add love!


The Edgewater

Matching the combination of seascapes and cityscapes, the décor at The Edgewater is Northwest cabin-in-the-woods crossed with modernity: antler chandeliers, crystal candelabras, entire tree trunks re-constructed indoors with articulated steel joints.

The package: Champagne and a trio of chocolate truffles, breakfast or brunch for two in Six Seven, their signature restaurant, valet parking. And if suds are your and your loved one’s thing, Seattle is a beer city.


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