Class of 2016: Stash Partner Hotel Superlatives

StashSuperlativesWe often laud our partner hotels for being independent, unique, one-of-a-kind and extraordinary snowflakes that fall from vibrant double rainbows onto pure silica-sand beaches from Maine to SoCal, Washington to Panama. And we mean it. We love our partner hotels. All of them. Equally.

In fact, if we could award each of our partner hotels with participation medals, holding a special ceremony at which representatives from each hotel give lengthy speeches about what it means to them to participate in the Stash Hotel Rewards program, we absolutely would. Not even kidding anymore. We might.

But let’s just cut to the chase, huh?

dressed_700x500Fashion capital of America, it had to be New York. If style is a form of communication, The William Vale, standing tall and handsome as hell over Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, seems to be saying, “Here’s looking at you, Manhattan.”

Simple-yet-elegant aesthetic: check. Sleek hardwood floors below floating bedframes: obvi. Open-air balconies outside floor-to-ceiling windows: you know it. Award-winning chef putting out seriously upscale fare and chilled-out casual options: cheers. Elevated public green space: naturally. Outdoor pool and bar, a locally commissioned art installation, and supped-up meeting space: yes, yes, and yes.

school-spirit_700x500No, the spirit award was not given because the hotel has the word bourbon in its name, though that is a nice coincidence. Chances are you became a Stash member when a friendly front desk agent at a Stash Partner Hotel introduced you to the sweet travel life you could be living as a Stash member. Here’s to Bourbon Orleans Hotel, who we like to picture wearing orange and white face paint and an oversized foam #1 finger with the Stash logo on it, for never being shy about spreading the good word.

athletic_700x500.jpgSet in the always-stunning red rock landscape of southwest Utah, Movara Fitness is for its guests what the streets and steps of Philadelphia were to Rocky. Guests check-in with wellness goals and leave champions.

East of Ivins, in a quiet suburb in north Dallas, Cooper Hotel Conference Center and Spa combines health research and education with personal training and nutrition programs (and pretty much anything else you can think of that relates to fitness and wellness, they’ve got it).

succeed_700x500The Horton Grand has stood the test of time. When the property opened in 1887, the experimental dentistry practices of wooden teeth were still in use in some parts of the country. And when nanotechnology sees the average life expectancy hit 200, we’re betting the Horton will still welcome guests with the same warmth into the same timeless charm that comes with the late 19th century decor that fills the property today.

famous_700x500And by likely to be famous, we mean already famous. Sunset Marquis is a well-known LA hideout known for hosting film stars, musicians, and those lovely and endlessly talented people who are famous just for being famous. Home to Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, and The Clash back in the day, Sunset Marquis’ unassuming entrance (plus a score of secret entrances) leads to a three and a half acre West Hollywood celebrity playground, complete with a recording studio. Use the underground tunnels to hide from paparazzi, or hide in plain sight at the pool.

class-clown_700x500For some bizarrely curious reason beyond comprehension, asking for photos of Nicolas Cage, the Nickelback of Hollywood actors, to be placed on hotel beds has become a somewhat common hotel guest request. And when called upon to honor this oddly satisfying tradition, Whitney Peak did not flinch. In fact, they went above any beyond.

cutuest-couple_700x500In matching blue and white crew neck sweatshirts, The Nittany Lion Inn and The Penn Stater are the Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris of the Stash Network, the high school sweethearts seen on TV, the mythologized hometown pair you hear about in pop country songs. Stay golden, errrrr, blue and white, you two.

artistic_700x500You can find The Porches Inn–the adventurer, the composer, the artist–in the ISFP corner of the Myers Briggs personality matrix. A stay at The Porches, a block of converted 19th century row houses, is kind of like staying in the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art across the river, but with room-service, a pool, an outdoor fire pit, an artful breakfast buffet, and a decidedly more Victorian-era vibe.

popluar_700x500In the Theme Park Capital of the World, Orlando, Florida, Caribe Royale spreads its flamingo-pink wings across 53 lush, tropical acres in the form of an expansive 1,338 room Xanadu-like wonderland. Not exaggerating. More Stash members redeemed points for free nights at Caribe than at any other partner hotel last year. In fact, Caribe tops the all-time list as well.

teacherspet_700x500The Lenox, an absolute peach of a property in downtown Boston, has brought a perfectly polished red delicious apple to class every day since its first day with Stash (4/1/10). And while a Teacher’s Pet designation usually suggests a certain level of sucking up for advancement (which, to be honest, The Lenox executes matchlessly) the hotel’s good nature and fine sense of humor (a close second in both the Most Popular and Class Clown categories) round out its easy-to-love and love-to-see-succeed character.

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