Member Only Rates – Let’s Get Exclusive!

No names to drop. No fruitless search for promo codes. And certainly no flirting with our Member Support agents (although you can still call and tell them how wonderful they are!)


You get the best rates, just for being a Stash Member. Our Partner Hotels are giving loyal Stash Members their best rates. All you have to do is book a trip!


 Look for the Member Rate badge when you’re booking on


Might we be so forward as to suggest some destinations?
A Better Way to Book: At Stash, we take ZERO commission when you book one of our Partner Hotels. (Unlike the big travel sites that take 15-25% commission! Eek!) Booking a Stash Partner Hotel through is just like booking direct: your money goes directly to the  hard working folks that are fluffing your pillows and issuing you yet another key card after you’ve locked yourself out of the room, again. 

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