Book virtually ANY HOTEL, ANYWHERE and earn Stash Points.

Members like you told us they want to earn Stash Points at more hotels.

Is 400,000 hotels enough?

That’s more than Marriott, Hilton, IHG, and Hyatt combined. In fact, you can earn Stash points at all those chains if you really want. We’ve super-charged our site so you can earn virtually anywhere. Check it out!


Let’s say you want to travel to London (cheerio!).  There isn’t yet a Stash Partner Hotel down the street from the Queen. But that’s no problem! Just search “London’ on the Stash BOOK NOW page and pick any hotel you like, book it, and earn Stash points. Easy as that.

How about near your cousin’s house in that small town in Oklahoma? We’ve got you covered. Just search, book, and earn your Stash points!

It’s simple really — book any hotel through the Stash site and earn at least 1x points per dollar. (Yes, even if you book a chain hotel.) 

Looking for more points? Well if your travels take you to one of the MANY cities with a Stash Partner Hotel, book your stay there and earn 5x points per dollar.


Moral of the story = book on the Stash site and earn points. Next thing you know, you’ll be redeeming those points for a tropical island vacation.


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