2018 Stash Enrollment Showdown!


The Stash Showdown is back!  We are excited to announce an updated version of the enrollment contest that starts November 1st.






November 1st through December 21st.  We’ll announce the winners after the New Year.


Starting November 1st, front desk and reservations teams battle for the Showdown Title (and of course a trophy) by enrolling their guests in Stash using the Stash Hub. Teams will compete against their rivals in similar weight classes (hotels will be grouped based on number of rooms). We’ll keep score using ePAR (enrollments per available room) and update the standings on the Hub and the Commons until the contest ends on December 21st.


  • Small: up to 50 rooms
  • Medium: 51-100 rooms
  • Large: 101 rooms and up


The top enrolling hotel in each weight class gets a shiny trophy to go along with some legit bragging rights and a $250 gift card for their use to update a break room, take the team out on the town, enjoy lunch, etc. – PLUS, their hotel gets a free spot in the February or May 2019 Flash Sale.

Runner-up in each weight class will get a $100 gift card toward team-building.

Each qualified enrollment earns you 100 PERK points or 200 PERK points if you enroll  an OTA guest using the OTA tool (learn more about the OTA tool in the Enrollment Training course).


  • Make sure you and your team has taken the on-demand Enrollment Training – this 15-minute course goes through everything you’ll need to succeed.
  • To get your PERK points, you’ll need to be a Stash member and add your name  to the Hub – be sure to join Stash BEFORE you start enrolling! (Use this link to get 500 bonus points.)
  • If you’re looking to pick up a few tricks to help you enroll your guests in Stash, here’s a set of surefire tactics straight from the enrollment elite at fellow partner hotels.


To be qualified, the enrolling member’s email address must be attached to the reservation. So you can’t enroll your mom, unless she’s staying at your hotel.  You CAN enroll a guest who is on an ineligible rate, like an OTA rate, but you need to be crystal clear that they won’t earn points for their current stay.  If you enroll the OTA guest using the OTA tool, however, you can offer them double points if they return in 6 months and book direct or at Stashrewards.com.  Once you sign up any guest, don’t forget to add their email address to the reservation.

And, as always, you must get their permission to enroll.  Enrolling guests without their approval can get your team disqualified from the contest so please be sure the guest is verbally agreeing to become a member.  Learn more about why this is so important here.



  • Enrollments must be made via the Stash Hub.
  • Valid for qualified enrollments only (guests staying at hotel).
  • OTA enrollment must be qualified (include the guest email address associated with their stay) and validated as an OTA Rate Code in order to earn 200 points.
  • Associate must be a current employee in good standing to be eligible to earn points.
  • Associate must have a Stash Hotel Rewards account in order to enroll members via the Stash hub. (Need to enroll yourself? Click here.)
  • Associate must receive verbal consent from guest prior to enrolling them in Stash Hotel Rewards.
  • Two or more member complaints against an associate will result in removal of that associate from the PERK program for 60 days.
  • Qualified enrollments not associated correctly with an Associate name from the drop down menu will not be eligible to earn points.
  • Points cannot be awarded retroactively. OTA enrollments processed prior to November 1, 2018 are not eligible to earn 200 points.
  • Stash Hotel Rewards reserves the right to remove points from associates accounts if associate fails to comply with PERK rules.