Seeing Green: The Best St. Paddy’s Day Cities & Hotels

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish. While some use creative fractions and homemade algorithms to proudly “prove” their Irish heritage. The rest of us proudly fake it.
The pinnacle of St. Paddy’s Day pride comes down to which city is the BEST place to celebrate. We rounded up our favorites for you. (And we warned our Customer Support team that they may get hate mail because we inevitably left out your favorite place to get your shamrock on.)
The followings cities party  “honor their Irish Heritage” in big ways. From parades, to parties, to concerts; you’ll never be bored on St. Patrick’s Day in any of these top-notch towns. And after you’re done dancing through the streets and downing a green beer, rest your head at one of these amazing independent hotels.


When a parade boasts 200 marching units, you know it’s going to be good! The Pittsburgh parade is one of the best and expects 23,000 people to attend. Make sure you stick around to see who is crowned Miss Smiling Irish Eyes 2020.
Where to stay:

If you’re a fan of Irish music, you’ll want to be in Boston for St. Patrick’s Day. The city’s own, Dropkick Murphys, will be on hand at the House of Blues to help you celebrate the holiday all week long. 
Where to stay:

38871048 - savannah, georgia, usa downtown at dusk.
Take part in a St. Paddy’s day festival that consumes the entire city. From River Street to City Market you can browse vendors with local fare, enjoy a beer along the river, and dance to live music.  
Where to stay*:

*For 2020, because literally all of Savannah is SOLD OUT.   We’re telling you, it’s the place to be!

6369008 - hesburgh library of university of notre dame, indiana
Naturally, the hometown of the “Fighting Irish” goes all out for this holiday. Start the evening at a massive Tent Party and concert before you jump on a shuttle (complete with bagpipers) to hop from pub to pub in a festive pub crawl. 

Where to stay:


 If there is one city that knows how to have a good time, it’s San Francisco. You can expect a festive parade, amazing food, live music and crowds of people dancing in the streets.
Where to stay:

33069200 - chicago green river during saint patrick day
 It doesn’t get much better than a parade that lines a green-dyed Chicago River. Plus, celebrations in Hyde Park and an uncountable number of pubs with cheap green beer and Irish whiskey shots at the ready.
Where to stay: 


Dublin, Ireland

Why not visit your ancestors? (You are 1/64th Irish, remember?) Hoards of tourists fill the streets of Dublin for this holiday. Notably absent? Locals. They come out for the morning parade, but generally clear out before the revelers take over.

The celebration of the country’s patron saint means Lentin restrictions on eating and drinking are lifted. Meaning Christians can let loose, guilt free.  (Which is how this holiday snowballed into the binge drinking free-for-all you find in the States today!)

Do do the day the Irish way, get off the beaten path find a pub with live music, and of course grab a pint!

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