Member Only Rates – Let’s Get Exclusive!


No names to drop. No fruitless search for promo codes. And certainly no flirting with our Member Support agents (although you can still call and tell them how wonderful they are!)   You get the best rates, just for being a Stash Member. Our Partner Hotels are giving loyal Stash Members their best rates. All […]

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4 Unexpected Hotels Near Major Airports

13976802 - woman with a suitcase at an airport

In general, an airport hotel is to a business traveler what an MRE is to a serviceman — a no-frills, basic-needs option that never really satisfies but always gets the job done. However, in this gray landscape of conveniently located-if-utilitarian accommodations, better options exist. You just have to know where to look.

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Why Points Matter: A business traveler’s point of view


Frequent business travelers occupy nearly fifty percent of all U.S. hotel rooms on any given night. I once pulled my weight in that crazy laptop-toting, jet-set world of management consultants by staying over four hundred nights in hotels. My first day on the job included a slide deck outlining the top hotel and airline rewards programs […]

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What’s missing from your hotel?


Answer: a great loyalty program. Gain a marketing channel with proven ROI, real benefits for your guests, a compelling reason to book direct, and more, without the limitations of a franchise agreement.

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Behind the Scenes: Bizarre Requests From Hotel Guests


Thanks to the saintly and at times heroic hotel staffs of the world, guest requests come welcomed and well executed. Suggestions on local activities and worthwhile eateries, a spare toothbrush, and sewing kits are easy to arrange and fairly standard. But how about getting a daily supply of Kobe beef for your dog or a sleep-sitter to watch you while you sleep because you have trouble with sleep walking?

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2015 Partner Hotel Awards Recap


It’s no secret our partner hotels are authentic and personalized. That’s the mission. From rock star havens (Sunset Marquis) to off-the-grid Panamanian eco-adventure lodges (Casa Cayuco), from elite urban oases (Condor Hotel, The Lenox Hotel) and classed-up college town digs (The Hotel at Auburn University) to picturesque Maine-coast cottages (The Dunes on the Waterfront) and white sand beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands (The Buccaneer), our partners exemplify our Travel Less Ordinary mantra. And we’re happy that Conde Nast Traveler readers, likely some of you, appreciate this mantra, too.

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What Business Travelers Need—And Want—from Hotels

Airport waiting area for business travelers

Business travelers are a unique animal. Road warrior. Bellatorum viae. Identified by their black neoprene laptop holders, top-of-the-line noise-cancelling headphones and their unique ability to negotiate a security checkpoint (even when TSA-Pre is unavailable) with a physical efficiency of effort, akin to a living, breathing haiku. The future for the road warrior is technology We’ve seen […]

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Vote for Stash in the Freddies!


Love your rewards program? Vote for Stash in the Freddies! The Freddies are the preeminent honor for travel loyalty programs. Voting for Stash is a big “yes” to our mission: to make it as easy to stay at an independent hotel with personality as it is to default to a big chain hotel. We’re honored to be nominated […]

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Why Neighborhoods Love Independent Hotels


When an independent hotel arrives in town and starts unpacking swanky lobby furniture, beehives, and doormen, neighborhoods get excited—and real estate prices go up. Everything’s about to get better—food, architecture, the economy—all those tangible things that make up that Jane Jacobs-ian “I feel really good on this street” vibe. So if you’re looking for a good reason to […]

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Conference Survival Guide

AT&T Executive Education Center in downtown Austin, TX

A memory trick to never forget a face. Why you should eat dinner more than once. Whether you’re a conference novice or ninja, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the collective wisdom of our crack team of event-goers. (And if you’ve been tasked to find the ideal meeting spot, check out 5 Memorable Meeting Venues.) Danielle Pitonyak: Hotel Partnerships […]

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