Double PERK + Golden Ticket


In October, we qualified hotels to participate in a NEW enrollment initiative taking place in November – partner hotels that had an ePAR > 1 are eligible to participate (ePAR = enrollments per available room).  97 hotels made the cut and are eligible to take part.

Not sure if your hotel qualified?  Ask your manager to see how you did in October by checking the Reporting/Enrollments sections on the Commons.


During the month of November, Reservations and Guest Service Agents (of qualified hotels) that use the new-and-improved Front Desk Hub to enroll new members will receive:

  • Double PERK points — 200 Stash points per qualified enrollment
  • A chance to find 1 of 5 “Golden Tickets” worth 15,000 points


It’s just like the Roald Dahl classic children’s novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – 5 future Stash members (yet to be enrolled) have been marked as Golden Tickets – if you are lucky enough to enroll one using the Hub, you’ll be getting enough points for a free night at a Stash partner hotel! (15,000 points is the network average for a redemption.) How will you know if you’ve won?  You’ll get a call from Willy Wonka himself, who insisted on personally delivering the news!

The more you enroll, the more chances you’ll have at finding a Golden Ticket and getting that call.  And don’t forget that for every qualified enrollment you sign up, you’ll get a PERK boost that doubles the incentive to 200 points which will automatically be added to your Stash member account.


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#1: Keyiana Stewart at The Bourbon Orleans Hotel (New Orleans, LA) — This hotel has long been a top enroller and Keyiana is a pro — no surprise here!

#2: Jeffrey Fargo at The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa (Riverside, CA)  A new hotel to the program, but Jeffrey has shown to be an excellent enroller — nice job!

#3: Brettlyn Robinson at The Parkview Hotel (Syracuse, NY)  Brettlyn recently drank the kool-aid and has become a true Stash evangelist — well done!

#4: Kelley Wolter at The Hotel Julien Dubuque (Dubuque, IA)  Kelley has really kicked it up a notch this month — way to go!

#5: Dawnavan Foster at The Bernic (New York, NY)  Dawnavan’s a night auditor and does a great job of enrolling members on the night shift — kudos!

And they weren’t the only ones to take home a heap of points – in all, Stash awarded over 537,000 PERK points to the agents of participating hotels.  Here are a few notable mentions of those that enrolled their way to free nights during the month:

  • 31,800 points – Latrease Sparks at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel (New Orleans, LA)
  • 23,600 points – Avery Burks-Williams at The Dauphine Orleans Hotel (New Orleans, LA)
  • 19 ,000 points – Jerris Marshall at the Hotel Julien Dubuque (Dubuque, IA)
  • 17,200 points – Trevor Williams at the Overton Hotel & Conference Center (Lubbock, TX)
  • 16,600 points – Ryan Fohne at The Empress Hotel (La Jolla, CA)

Thanks to all that participated and enrolled members throughout November — keep up the great work!  Here are a couple of fun video clips from the classic film…

Golden Ticket Newsreel

“I’ve Got a Golden Ticket”




  1. Brush up on your technique — this pre-recorded 15-minute Front Desk Training Webinar will get you acquainted with Stash and the new-and-improved Front Desk Hub
  2. Review the Front Desk Cheat Sheet and keep a copy handy
  3. Make sure you have enough Stash Brochures on hand to give out to your guests – check with your manager and order more through the Commons


Agents need to obtain verbal permission from potential members to enroll them in Stash.  We know most enrollments are legit, but we often see an uptick in violations of this policy as these contests roll out; guests reach out to our support team somewhat annoyed that they were enrolled without their knowledge.  Please be sure you are getting permission to enroll, as infractions may lead to you – and possibly even your hotel – becoming ineligible to participateLearn more about why it’s so important to get permission here.

Only Qualified Enrollments are eligible to win Golden Tickets and PERK points.  For an enrollment to be considered qualified it has to be associated with an actual hotel stay, and the member’s email address (aka, Stash ID) must be attached to the reservation.



Good luck in November!  Questions? Email the Ooompa Loompas (Partner Support).

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Stash CEO Jeff Lowe at Stash HQ in Seattle