Expert Enrollment Tips


Parker Cristan from the Brewhouse Inn and Suites knows how to enroll guests in Stash, earning over 240,000 PERK points to date.  He shares his take on the best ways to get your guests to join…

You can approach signing up new members as “low pressure, suggestive sales”, if you will. Remember to always use an assumptive close, which means you simply assume they will say yes to being signed up even before you ask.

Briefly explain the benefits:

  • 500 free points right-off-the-bat (and who doesn’t LOVE free stuff?)
  • Extremely user-friendly website
  • Affiliation with the over 150 amazing independent and boutique-type hotels worldwide
  • The points never expire
  • There are no blackout dates
  • Other potential perks and goodies (like Stash Plus)

Guests will normally thank you for the suggestion and say, “yes, please!”

Now, let’s face it — we live in a “what’s in it for me” world, right?  Well, now it’s your turn to also reap the rewards! (Again, who doesn’t LOVE free stuff?) You get at least 100 points for every new qualified member and those points add up very quickly! (The average free night is around 15,000 points but you can stay for as little as 5,000 in some places!)  Plus, there are frequent contests and additional incentives throughout the year.

There’s literally NO down side, nor a reason NOT to be asking each and every guest either at check in or at check out.  After your guests are rested and had a great time at your hotel, it should be a no-brainer!

Just remember: keep it simple, polished, and upbeat and you can’t lose!  Enrolling Stash members will also translate to higher revenue for your property.

Explore the site and the Stash Commons — there are so many amazing hotels out there in great cities! The Stash team also keeps us well informed of new additions, incentives, contests and other pertinent information.

Go Get ‘Em, and Happy Travels!

Well said, Parker.  Thanks for sharing your approach!  If others are interested in sharing what they are doing to be successful enrollers, please email — we’ll drop 1000 points in your account if we post it to the Commons.