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Say hello to PERK – bonus Stash points just for you, Stash Partner Hotel associates.


Stash Partner Hotel associates will earn 100 points for every qualified enrollment via the Stash hub.

Now you don’t have to wait until a specific month to earn Stash points for enrolling guests. Earn points all day, every day and you’ll be on your way to redeeming them for a dream vacation faster than ever!



How do I earn points?

Enroll new guests in Stash Hotel Rewards using the Hub. The enrollment must be qualified, which means it must be associated with a stay at your hotel.

How to I claim my points?

During the enrollment process, be sure to select your name from the drop down menu in the Stash hub.

Stash hub drop down

When can I earn points?

You can earn points every day, every month. Basically all the time.

What is a qualified enrollment?

A qualified enrollment is an enrollment associated with a hotel stay. The member ID (enrolling email address) must be the address attached to the reservation in your hotel’s PMS.

Where can I check how many points I’ve earned?

Your Stash account or on your monthly statement. You no longer need to rely on a leader board to check your points. Simply log in to your Stash account and see how much your point balance has grown. Points will show up as “PERK enrollment bonus points”

How long does it take for points to show up?

It can take up to 2 weeks after the guest checks out for the points to post to your account.

What can I do with Stash points?

Points add up fast. A little extra focus on enrollments can send you on a sweet vacation. Redeem points at over 150 Stash partner hotels across the U.S., the Caribbean, Panama and Canada.  Redemptions have been as low as 8,000 points per night, but the average redemption stay in the network is roughly 25,000 points per night.

Is this a contest?

There’s nothing wrong with a little competition.  While this isn’t like a ‘Showdown’ and you won’t be in weight classes, we’ll still be checking up on your to see who is leading the pack.

I forgot to select my name from the drop down menu when I enrolled someone. Can I still get points?

No. Enrollments must be correctly associated with your name at the time of enrollment in order to be eligible to earn points.

What if I have a question?

Your Front Office Manager should be able to answer any questions you have regarding PERK. But if you still have questions, please email


  1. Enrollments must be made via the Stash Hub.
  2. Valid for qualified enrollments only (guests staying at hotel).
  3. Associate must be a current employee in good standing to be eligible to earn points.
  4. Associate must have a Stash Hotel Rewards account in order to enroll members via the Stash hub.
  5. Associate must receive verbal consent from guest prior to enrolling them in Stash Hotel Rewards.
  6. Two or more member complaints against an associate will result in removal of that associate from the PERK program for 60 days.
  7. Qualified enrollment must be associated with the correct name from the drop down menu to be eligible to earn points.
  8. Qualified enrollments not associated correctly with a name from the drop down menu will not be eligible to earn points.
  9. Points cannot be awarded retroactively. Enrollments processed prior to February 1, 2016 are not eligible to earn points.
  10. Stash Hotel Rewards reserves the right to remove points from associates accounts if associate fails to comply with PERK rules.


PERK was initiated February 1, 2016. Past enrollments do not qualify.