Star GSA Funds Travel with Showdown—Her Technique

bourbon-orleans-hotel-lobby-2_hpgA true Showdown success story

When it comes to sharing the benefits of Stash to guests, Keyiana Stewart at the Bourbon Orleans likes to keep it simple and friendly. This approach has served her well: she enjoyed two 5-night stays in a suite at Stash partner Caribe Royale thanks to points earned from Stash Showdowns.

Her technique? “I just present Stash as a program that can benefit you: you’ll gain points from staying with us or our partners, and you or your family can come back.”

We’re thrilled to congratulate Keyiana on her well-earned stay. What’s even more remarkable is that she actually gave some of her points away to a colleague early on, before she realized she could use them to treat her family to a stay at a hotel near Disney World—the Caribe Royale, which comes with even better (happier) service than can be found at the Happiest Place on Earth.

caribe-royale-pool-waterfalls-1_hpg (1)

Her trip to Orlando was even more special because she was celebrating her son’s graduation, and her daughter’s first trip to Disney World!

For racking up points at Showdown, here’s her recipe:

1.       Set your mind to it. Keyiana shared that she achieves what she sets her mind to accomplish.

2.       Be friendly. Although naturally warm and bubbly, Keyiana simply offers guests information about the program. If they’re not interested, she gives the brochure, offers to answer questions, and lets it go.

3.       Answer questions directly. Keyiana assures guests that they won’t receive unwanted email, which can be a frequent objection, and assures that it’s only helpful information about your rewards and opportunities.

4.       Check in at checkout. If they weren’t interested at check-in, Keyiana says, “They’re always interested at checkout.”

Be sure to check the standings, and remember that it never hurts to ask, “Are you earning points for your stay?”