Spotlight on Partner Preferred Rates

Did you know that all employees of Stash Partner Hotels have access to discounted room rates all over the network?  Hotels have the option of posting insider rates on the Commons and many partners are currently onboard.  Discounts range from fixed friends-and-family rates to reductions off BAR (up to 50% in some cases… Whaaat?!).  Check it out and start planning your next road trip.


Is your hotel not listed?  Let’s change that – we’d like to see every Stash partner post a rate there.  Not only is it a nice perk that lets independent hotels have access to something the chains offer, but it also encourages hoteliers to visit you and go back with a story to tell their guests and social networks.

You are free to call the shots and set up the discount however you like, and rates are not required to be eligible for points (but it’s way cooler if they are:).  Word to the wise: we’ll be promoting great partner preferred rates in some of our partner-facing emails from now on, so you may want to go big, especially during times you know you won’t be sold out.

Here is just a smattering of what’s out there right now:

Talk to your team about making sure you have a rate posted, and feel free to print/post this PDF in your employee Common areas so they know they can take advantage of discounted travel as part of the program and as an added benefit of employment at your property (maybe include it as part of your new hire packet, too).

*Offers only available to employees of Partner hotels – proof of employment must be presented on arrival.  However, exceptions can be made at the discretion of the booked hotel’s management. (See FAQ for more info.)



Do we have to offer a preferred rate for employees of partner hotels?

No, it is not a requirement, but it’s definitely encouraged. Offering discounted rates for partner hotel employees helps to neutralize another advantage the chains have over independents and will help spread the word about your property.

Where are Partner Preferred Rates posted?

In the “Tools” section of the Commons you’ll find a listing of all the participating hotels and their offer.

How do I book an offer?

As of now, we include the hotel contact with each listing – bookings happen directly with the hotel via phone or email.

How do I include a preferred rate for my hotel?

Go the Tools section of the Commons, click Partner Preferred Rates and click the button “Add Partner Preferred Offer”.  Fill out a few fields about your offer and click whether or not you allow Stash employees to book the offer.  That’s it. You rock.

Are there any rules or guidelines for offers?

There are no hard and fast “rules” – you have complete control to offer what works for your hotel.  Seasonality can certainly play a role, as can occupancy and other factors.  But remember that the goal is to create a “friends and family” type of atmosphere, so we recommend extending a similar offer to what you would do for your own employees if they requested a room for themselves.

Can I change my offer once it is posted?

Yes, you can actually “yield” this rate here on the Commons and change it as often as you like. Or you can post comments describing the changes that will take place with the dates they take effect.  And we recommend you re-visit your offer at least once a year to ensure it is current.

Can I add blackout dates?

Yes, this offer is not available to members, so blackout dates are allowed.  Please include those with your offer for clarity.

Do I have to make these offers eligible for Stash points?

No, they do not need to be eligible to earn points, but we think it’s way cooler if they are.

Which departments have access to these rates (is it just for managers or front desk agents)?

All employees of a hotel are eligible to book these rates (housekeepers, engineers, food and beverage staff, etc.) and they will need to supply proof of employment on arrival (see next question).

Does the person staying need to be an employee or is it available to their friends/family as well?

These rates are only for the employees of hotels and are not intended for their extended network.  In fact, they will need to prove their employment on arrival with either a business card, paystub, or verification letter from the General Manager of their hotel.  Exceptions can be made (it doesn’t hurt to ask) but we leave that up to the discretion of the hotel that receives the booking.

How do I spread the word about this benefit?

Print this PDF and post it employee common areas (breakroom, timeclock, etc.).  You may also want to include it your new-hire packet.  Looking to incentivize the team or need a coveted office party raffle item?  Consider a weekend trip to a partner hotel as a prize.

Should we do anything special for someone arriving?

You don’t have to, but hotel folks often take care of each other.  Upgrades and added amenities are always a plus. And we definitely encourage some good cross-pollination – maybe a tour of the property and an exchange of contact info to help spread the partner love.

Where do I go if I need help?

Contact our member support team if you need a hand:  Audrey is happy to help.