Stash Showdown



The biggest and baddest enrollment competition begins May 1st, and it’s up to you to determine how many points you will earn. Stash Showdown is your chance to enroll new members while padding your pockets with some serious bonus points.


NEW! Mandatory Training Quiz!  In order to be eligible to earn points for the Stash Showdown, you MUST take this quiz. PLUS — you’ll get 500 points when you pass!  >> TAKE THE QUIZ 

DON’T GET DISQUALIFIED!  Don’t ruin it for yourself or your team! We’re cracking down on important rules that protect your guests, our members, and your hotel!  >>LEARN MORE



Throughout May, you’ll earn 250 points for every qualified enrollment via the Stash Hub. Standings will be published on the Hub and Commons every Monday and Thursday.  We’ll also email the standings weekly.


A qualified enrollment is one that is associated with a guest stay. So you can’t enroll your mom, unless she’s staying at your hotel.  You CAN enroll a guest who is on an ineligible rate, like an OTA rate, but you need to be crystal clear that they won’t earn points for their current stay. And, as always, you have to get their permission to enroll. 


May 1 – 31 2017. Winners will be announced mid-June.



Earn 250 points per qualified enrollment. 

In addition, the top three GSAs with the highest number of qualified enrollments per available room will earn additional prizes!

  • First Place: 7,000 points or $75 gift certificate
  • Second Place: 5,000 points or $50 gift certificate
  • Third Place: 2,500 points or $25 gift certificate


Grand Prize: The hotel with the most qualified enrollments per available room wins victory lunch (up to $250) PLUS a big shiny trophy.  Second and Third Place Hotels get $150 to spend on lunch, but no big shiny trophy.

Associates must get the guest’s verbal consent before enrolling them in Stash. Stash, at it’s sole discretion, may remove any points and disqualify any GSA who is enrolling without consent.
Only enrollments completed through the Stash Hub will count toward this contest. Only enrollments for guests checking out by stay by 6/7/17 will qualify for this contest.To earn points and prizes, you must be an employee of a Stash partner hotel on the last day of the contest, 3/31/17.
You must take the required quiz to qualify for points. Take it now.
Stash points will be credited to associates’ accounts after the new member checks out. In some cases, points may take up to 2 weeks to appear due to data transfer times.


Once I’ve enrolled someone in the Hub, is there anything else I need to do?

It’s not enough to enroll the member via the Hub. As always, you have to add the Member ID (email address) to your PMS. They must be an exact match or you won’t get credit (or points) for a Qualified Enrollment.

PMS Hub Match

Why are my Qualified Enrollments lower than Total Enrollments?

Only Qualified Enrollments count during the contest. Qualified enrollments are enrollments associated with a hotel stay. The member ID must be matched with an email address in your hotel’s PMS. There are a few reasons that an enrollment may not be reflected as a Qualified Enrollment:

  • The guest stay information has not been received and processed by Stash. This may take up to 2 weeks after the guest checks out. (This is why we don’t announce victors until mid-June – to allow hotels time to submit their stay reports.)
  • The reservation didn’t have the guest’s Stash member ID email associated with it. Always make sure the guest’s Stash member ID email is recorded with their reservation prior to check-out so Stash can process the stay.
  • The member enrolled was not a guest staying at the hotel at the time of enrollment. Qualified enrollments are only associated with guests staying at your hotel when they are enrolled.

Does the stay have to be eligible for points to count? Or can I enroll an OTA guest?

All enrollments associated with a stay count in this contest, regardless of rate eligibility. OTA enrollments count.

What is the cost to my hotel?

ZERO. Stash is funding the award points. AND Stash will fund 100% of the first-stay point costs for all new Stash members who are enrolled through the Stash Hub at your hotel.

I have more questions, who should I ask?
Contact We’ll take care of you.

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