Surefire Enrollment Tactics


If you’re looking to pick up a few tricks to help you enroll your guests in Stash, here’s a set of surefire tactics straight from the enrollment elite at fellow partner hotels —

  1. “Set your mind to it.”  – That’s what Keyiana Stewart of The Bourbon Orleans Hotel told us when we asked her what was most important as she enrolled her way to a multi-family vacation in Orlando.  If you haven’t committed yourself to enrolling every possible guest, while setting a few attainable goals along the way, then don’t expect to get anywhere.  Start by browsing our list of partner hotels, set your sights on a destination or two, then establish a goal for each shift. You’ll get to that free stay in no time with PERK points, and even quicker when a Showdown pops up.


  1. “Don’t just enroll guests on arrival, circle back at check-out as well.”  – Ashley Goldstein at the Lenox uses this strategy and it makes sense when you think about it – checking in can be hectic for a traveler (maybe they have to use the restroom or they just had a cab-ride-from-hell after a turbulent flight).  You want to put them at ease ASAP and a spiel about Stash might be a hurdle.  If you’re getting that vibe on arrival, just hand them a brochure with their room key and try to catch them on their way out.  As guests depart and are reviewing their bill, make sure they recognize the added benefit of points by suggesting they enroll in your loyalty program.  This is also a great way to snag some of those guests your less-motivated colleagues missed.


  1. “Vary your approach”
  • “Are you earning points for this stay?” – That’s the way Nordstrom gets people to sign up for their credit card.  It’s so quick, doesn’t feel sales-y, and gets the guest asking for more info.  If James Bond were enrolling guests, this would be his line.  Definitely.
  • “Did you know you could earn points at other great independent hotels like ours?” – Talk about Stash partner hotels in a natural and enthusiastic way.  Highlight the quality and variety of other properties in the network.  The all-star crew at the Hotel Andra swears by this tactic.  In particular, they call out the many business and leisure destinations in the network.  It always helps to mention the unique qualities of Stash; that there are no blackout dates and the points never expire, but the network of partner hotels resonates most with the well-travelled.  Maybe drop the name of that hotel you have your eye on and flash the brochure as a visual aid – Boom! – You just provided a great recommendation to the guest and scored another chunk of points toward that free stay.

Now that you’ve got the goods, set your mind to it and enroll your way to free nights all over the Stash network.

Do you have a tactic that you swear by and would like to share?  Send a note to with your Stash ID and earn 1000 bonus points if it gets posted on the Commons.