Hotel Gyms That Raise the Bar

They say going to the gym is the new happy hour. And hoteliers are keen to keep up. Those uninspiring, windowless rooms with milk crates full of rubbery turquoise dumbbells and cheap plastic ab rollers remind us of a time when Cindy Crawford did Pepsi ads and “Eye of the Tiger” was not only a great song to do push-ups to, but also on the Billboard Top 10 list. Yep, we’ve come a long way.

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Rooms With Views: 10 Balconies That Stand Alone

The act of standing above the world—on a balcony, on a mountain top, on an international space station—provides a simultaneous sense of freedom from and connectivity to everything in sight.

Here, 10 balconies from the Stash network.

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5 Awesome Spas to Rest & Recharge

Spa tourism—a staple of the white flannel trousered set in the 1920’s—is making a comeback. Everyone’s talking mindfulness. Even the World Economic Forum. What’s good for the head of the World Bank is good for you: deep relaxation is an important way to recharge for work and life. A trip to the spa is practically […]

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