Tell us about yourself, earn 200 points

A few quick clicks: you tell us what you like and what you do, we give you 200 points. It’s really that easy.

Every year, you can earn 200 points by updating your member profile and preferences. It helps us make Stash better, but more importantly, it helps make your stays even better. It’s a win-win.

Update your profile

You can update your profile anytime you’d like. But you only get points for doing so once per 365 day period. 

4 thoughts on “Tell us about yourself, earn 200 points

  1. Stayed in Manitou Springs, CO , for the first time. What a great place! We are now looking to stay at another Stash hotel for our trip to Seattle in the fall. Keep up the good work..

  2. Will be spending 4 fays at Inn At Saint Mary this month. One of our best Inns I’ve gotten others at Ford hooked on this Inn.

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