Wedding Party Duties Pay Off With The Stash Hotel Rewards® Visa® Card


Wedding season is here! Love is in the air, champagne is flowing, and people everywhere are brushing up on the finer points of the Electric Slide. If you’ve been tapped to be a bridesmaid or groomsmen, you’re busy getting ready for your important duties. Indeed, a spot on the wedding party roster is a privilege, an honor, a huge expense. One reward comes in the form of celebrating your special friend’s special day. Another reward, if you follow our plan, comes in the form of earning free nights at sweet independent hotels.

Step One

Apply for the Stash Hotel Visa Card. It’s an awesome little accessory that lets you earn Stash Points with every purchase you make.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 3.12.53 PM

Step Two

Earn 10,000 points by spending $1500 on your Stash Visa Card in the first 90 days after opening your account¹.

How? Easy. Your best friend from college is getting married this summer in New Orleans, and you’re in the wedding. (We’re jealous because weddings are the best and New Orleans is pretty great, too.) Here’s your budget and the points you would earn if you put it all on your pretty new Stash Visa Card.

Flight: $400 (+400 Stash points)
Two nights at a Stash partner hotel: $500 (+1,500 points from using your Stash Visa Card, +2,500 points for being a Stash member)
Two nights at a non-Stash hotel (the rest of the wedding party is staying at the local chain –sigh– duty calls): $400 (+800 points)
Attire (pink taffeta dress with a jumbo bow, vibrant orange Lloyd Christmas tux): $300 (+300 Stash points)
Le Creuset dutch oven for the newly weds: $200 (+200 Stash points)
Po’ Boys and sazeracs: $150 (+300 Stash points)

Charges made: $2,000
Total Stash Points earned from spend:
Bonus points: 10,000

The math: 6,000 + 10,000 = 16,000 Stash Points. (Basically, that’s 16,000 points for having an awesome time at your friend’s wedding in New Orleans.)

Step Three

Take a vacation to recover from wedding season. Your wallet can take a rest too, you’ve earned enough points for a free night at many Stash Partner Hotels. groomsmen2

Three options for a September getaway*:

  1. Hang around the Embarcadero waterfront outside Hotel Griffon, San Francisco. One night: 13,904 points
  2. Have a Midwest experience—lakes, rivers, perogies. The Commons Hotel, Minneapolis. One night: 15,272
  3. A trip back to NOLA to relive the highlights.
    One night: 6,099 (The Whitney Hotel), 11,192 (Hotel Mazarin)

What are you waiting for?
Learn more and apply today! 


¹Subject to credit approval. Points will be credited to your Stash Program account 1-2 billing cycles after the required purchases are posted to your Stash Visa Card account. See Stash Program Terms for points details.
*Examples for illustration purposes based on estimated number of Stash points needed to earn a free night at identified hotels. Estimates were taken at the time of publishing. Actual number of points needed is subject to change based on a number of factors, including seasonality and occupancy rate.

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